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Douglassville Veterinary Hospital’s Position Statement on E-commerce Website Pet Food Sales

We understand that online retailers provide pet owners with the convenience of home delivery of prescription diets, but there are quality control concerns when third-party non-veterinary companies distribute prescription diets. Pet food must be stored in climate controlled facilities and inappropriate storage condition can degrade the key minerals/nutrients in the diets, potentially making the diets unsafe for pets.  We trust Hill’s food safety and storage protocols, however no one knows the storage/shipping/warehousing protocols that an online pet food distributor employs. It is this lack of knowledge and transparency that raises concerns in our eyes and therefore we will not authorize any diet prescription requests from an online retailer that is not the original manufacturer of the food. This policy is now in place for the safety of your pet. 

To provide pet owners with the same convenience that an online pet food company provides, Hills offers the same convenience with free shipping. The key difference here is that the food is coming directly from the manufacturer and we know and trust Hill’s food storage and quality control protocols. We will gladly authorize you to order your pet’s food directly from Hills.