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Customer Testimonials

We drive an extra 15 minutes to go to this place because both we AND our dog love coming here. They are knowledgeable, nice, respectful, and extremely good with dogs. Ours had to get some annual shots and for the first time ever, our dog didn't whimper or whine or flinch when given the shot. They gave him a tongue depressor slathered in peanut butter and our pup was so into the creamy peanutty goodness that he didn't even notice the needle stick. Highly recommended vet!

Wallee W.

Lisa and I want to THANK YOU for everything you do. We really love your clinic and everybody who works there. You went out of your way to help our dog Raisin and it is greatly appreciated. You are far and away the best and nicest Vets we have had for any of our dogs.

Greg Cameron

I have nothing but good things to say about Douglassville Veterinary Hospital. The quality of care is exceptional and the friendly atmosphere is like no other. I have been pleased with everything from emergency procedures (thanks to Dr. Geoff) to basic checkups for all of my animals. During a very difficult time of saying goodbye to our beloved newfoundland Mac, I felt so much compassion and concern. I will never forget that. I highly recommend Douglassville Vet Hospital!

Amy Rossetti

For the past 10 years, my dogs have been blessed with outstanding, compassionate care from the doctors and staff at Douglassville Veterinary Hospital. It is a first-class operation, and there is no other veterinary practice I would even consider for my dogs’ medical needs.

Catherine Watson