COVID-19 Hospital Policy

Current COVID-19 Policies at our Hospital. 

The following Douglassville Veterinary Hospital policies were recommended by the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association to protect our clients and our staff from COVID-19 while still caring for our pet population. These policies will be in place until further notice. 

1.) PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS AND FOOD:  We are still filling all prescriptions and foods for your pets. Please call, email, or fill out refill request here. We will take payment over the phone and we have created a medication and food pick up on our hospital porch so you do not need to enter the hospital. 

2.) CLIENTS CAN NO LONGER ENTER THE HOSPITAL: Unfortunately, we can no longer allow pet owners to accompany their animals into the hospital. Please call us when you arrive for your appointment and a nurse will escort your pet into the facility to see the doctor. The only exception to this policy will be for euthanasia appointments and in those circumstances only 1 family member can accompany their pet. We recognize that these protocols may be difficult to accept, but please understand that we are enacting these changes to protect you and our staff. 

3.) BRING YOU CELL PHONE WITH YOU TO APPOINTMENTS: Please bring your cell phone to your appointment. We will communicate with you regarding your pet’s health and provide diagnostic and treatment options over the phone. 

Our staff will be taking your pet into the hospital. For this reason, please follow the below guidelines. 
DOGS: Make sure your dog’s harness/collar is tight and they can not slip out of it. 
CATS: Cats must be secured in a proper carrier. No exceptions. 

5.) PAYMENT: We are only accepting credit card payments over the phone at this time to decrease the transmission of the virus through the handling of physical currency (eg. checks/money)

If your pet is being seen for an illness appointment: 

2.) To prevent prolonged face to face communication, please click on the form below prior to your visit and fill out the information as completely as possible.